Cheats For Gunblood or GunBlood Cheats Codes

Submit these codes in the given box when you got bored, You can get shotgun and unblock any content you want with Cheats for Gunblood 2018. GunBlood is the perfect game for you, It is a perfect way to test how good your reflexes are, how well can you move the computer mouse to shoot the enemy. In other words, Will you survive a Gun Fight if you were caught in one?

How to Access Gunblood Game?
For Access the Gunblood Game by visiting online, this will take you to the home page of the Gunblood’s website, just you need to load the game for start playing. As the game progresses further, the difficulty level starts increasing. Your opponent will take lesser time now to shoot you and his accuracy will also increase. Hence you need to improve your game with time.

What are Cheats for GunBlood Codes?

Gunblood Cheats only in case you got bored from the game and you want to give up on it. Cheats can be entered same like in bellow picture. This was the list of power ups. The level gunblood cheats will let you start from an advanced level.

Cheats For Gunblood
Cheats For Gunblood

What is the cheats for GUNBLOOD?

  • MOREAMMO = infinite ammo (note: need to shoot assistant in bonus rounds in order to play)
  • NOHIT —–> Invincibility
  • POINTER —–> Add laser pointer to the gun. laser will help you to aim easily and be more accurate.
  • FASTFIRE —–> Use this Cheat for shoot faster and then normal.

GunBlood Level passwords are given bellow.

  1. Password = LEVEL1
  2. Password = LEVEL2
  3. Password = LEVEL3
  4. Password = LEVEL4
  5. Password = LEVEL5
  6. Password = LEVEL6
  7. Password = LEVEL7
  8. Password = LEVEL8
  9. Password = LEVEL9
    Bonus 1 – BONUS1
    Bonus 2 – BONUS2
    Bonus 3 – BONUS3
    Bonus 4 – BONUS4

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