Howrse Cheat Codes

Looking to get some codes? bring lots of amazing Howrse cheat codes 2017 or promotions at Howrse is a name of breeding online game with 98000 players on, of 1929 of them are playing right now, their lovers breed horses or ponies and discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center.The object of the game itself is to breed the finest horses you can manage to breed.

Free Nyx Pack Cheat Code : New!
Enter in the Passes tab where it says “Your Code”: it will gives you a free Nyx Pack.

Free Nyx Pack Cheat Code


Free 1 Karma point : Valid for 2017
When you start your game, during the game, when that person reaches their 8th riding level, you will get 1 free karma point.

List of Howrse Cheat Codes and 2017.

  • XXHORSEILLUST – Aphrodite’s Tears.
  • HOP99 or HI1HP – Horn Of Plenty.
  • HP33MB or HP22MB – Medusa’s Blood (Pegasus).
  • HORSEANDPONY1 – Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Cheat Codes –  Passes
  • HOP99 or HI1HP –  Horn Of Plenty
  • NP58 – Nyx Pack
  • XXHORSEILLUST – Aphroditie’s Tears
  • HP33MB – Medusa’s Blood (Pegasus)
  • HORSEANDPONY1 – Philosophers Stone
  • HP22MB – Medusas blood
  • IAMCOOL123471 – Easy money
  • TagDaze – Getting Passes and Equus.
  • albert – Karma point.
  • Verve – Get Black Market Items for Free.
howrse cheat codes
howrse cheat codes

Codes can be used during game to get some special effect, please keep in mind, we never verify howrse cheat codes, if any codes are getting expired for you, please write your query in the comment box, we try to update more latest Howrse codes at over web page as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi there you have a nice website over here! Thanks for posting this interesting stuff for us! If you keep up this great work I’ll visit your site again. If the above coupon codes are getting expired for you feel free to find out more latest howrse cheats codes 2016 Thanks!

  2. Umm… I have tried every one of these codes. None of them have worked. I suggest maybe getting some more recent ones? I know if the codes DID work, I would find this site very helpful. Just try and get more recent codes!!

  3. Hello you have a fantastic blog over here! Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff for us! If you keep up the good work I’ll visit your site again. Thanks!

  4. Hi there you have a nice site over here! Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff for us! If you keep up the great work I’ll visit your site again. Thanks!

  5. This does not work at all. Howrse promo codes were discontinued in 2008 and are still unavailable. We all hope that Howrse bring them back into fashion

  6. My name is pegasusem101 on Howrse, so if you guys need any help, you can look up ways to earn eqqus, passes, and more in my forum, I’m on International. Like I said, it’s super unfair about the discontinued promo codes, but hopefully Howrse will soon bring them back, kind of like classified ads. Rach, you’d put the codes in on the pass page. Click Passes up in the corner and it will take you to a page with pass prices. Scroll to the bottom right and it will have a promo code box. You guys can try putting them in, but I don’t think any are valid for use anymore.

  7. They deactivated all these codes after everyone found them, there still are codes, but I think u need to be a member to use them. Not sure about any new codes.

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